This was a personal project that I took up. I primarily focused on creating the task flows and the visual design of the app. As a pop culture buff, I was always interested in its potential to cure boredom and make you feel part of a community and a culture. The target user for this project would essentially be people like me! Those who travel often, love music, and follow popular culture like religion.

Problem Space

The idea began as an app that could suggest music and playlists based on location, mood, time of the day, user favorites, etc. The main purpose of the app is to be a human-like companion for a user while travelling. It is a constant source of trivia based on the user’s interests. The persona of the app is casual and friendly to give it a human-like feel.

Imagine you’re travelling with a friend in England and he says, “Hey, we’re just two minutes away from Abbey Road studios and that famous zebra crossing on the Beatles’ album cover. That album is just legendary! Let‘s listen to it.” Similarly, this app will be your travel companion and make sure you’re never bored during your journey.

One major problem with road trips and music apps is that there are long stretches where network dies out. This stretch can be painful, especially for those who consider music a necessity in their daily lives. The Stock Up feature prepares for such situations with the help of location services of the phone.

Research & Ideation

User Groups:

  • Age: Mostly 15-35 year olds
  • Frequent travelers and tourists
  • People interested in pop culture, music, books, etc

The user signs up and provides the app with the following:

  • Interests like pop-culture, music, TV shows and films, books, history, etc
  • Favorite genres of music
  • Permission to access location features of the phone

Based on this information, the app provides the user with trivia and related music. The users can put in their location and destination, and get trivia about famous locations on that route.

The app tailors a customized playlist with songs from the user’s favorite genres as well as songs related to this location-based trivia.

The app can be built on an online music database like that of Spotify. The trivia information can be fetched from online sources, and/or users themselves can help build a database of information (subject to validation).

Task Flow

Stock Up

A ‘save for offline listening’ feature has been introduced by many music streaming services like YouTube and Spotify. Many times though we don’t remember to store our most up to date tracks before these long journeys.

Travel Buddy automatically detects these patches where the network could die and alerts the user. It also prompts the user to pre-stream and save music for this period of offline listening.

App detects oncoming area of limited to no connectivity →
App estimates time period for which network will be lost →
On user’s approval, app pre-streams a playlist for offline listening

Stock Up Screen

Visual Design

For the app to appeal to a wide range of audience, I used shades of grey as the base and contrasting fluorescent colors for the content, to keep with the casual nature of the app.

Other Screens

Trace Journey


Now Playing

Map Screen


Edit Interests