“Everything is Design. Everything!”

Welcome to my portfolio! My name is Shruti & I am a UX Designer. I’m here trying to create better experiences for my fellow humans. Observing interactions between people is where I get inspiration for my work. This is a portfolio of some of my projects, past and present. I hope something on here catches your eye. I’d love to discuss these projects or anything beyond with you!


Current courses and projects

This semester, I’m taking three of the most rewarding courses. One focuses on Social Justice, in which we are working on a digital media project that we hope will benefit the historic African-American neighborhood of Sweet Auburn in Atlanta. My second project is within the realm of smart cities and the Internet of Things, where we are working on building a better biking experience on the streets of Atlanta. For this, we are putting together a bike with sensors that would measure different biking conditions like surface quality, air quality, etc. and eventually help in improving them. The last course I’m taking focuses on Information and Communication Technologies and Development (ICDT). In this course, we focus on international as well as national development (especially that of marginalized communities) and study the role of technology in this development. Within this course, my project focuses on women’s health and hygiene. We are working towards eliminating stigma around these topics and curbing the misinformation or lack of information given to young women when they hit puberty.

Stay tuned to see more details of the projects and processes!